When are you going to add Features x, y and z

We have a lot of ideas for features to add to NextPhoto. We started the pilot program in order to start a dialog with users to learn what features are the most important. Please drop us a line with your request(s). The more requests for a feature the sooner that feature will get added.

Hardware Requirements

The app was designed with “modern” hardware in mind namely i7 or better processor with SSD. Slower hardware will work (for instance spinning drives) but the user experience will not be as good.

OS Requirements

The app has been tested on both the Sierra and High Sierra visions of Mac OS X. If you are having trouble and are not on one of those versions please upgrade.

Trouble Launching

If you are not able to launch the app please make sure that the “Security & Privacy” settings of your System Preferences allow for “App Store and identified developers.”