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To install NextPhoto simply double click on the downloaded installer. Then drag to your Applications folder which you do simply by dragging it to the linked folder in the installer window.


Do not point NextPhoto at another products’ library (assuming you can even find it). Many products have special ways to store photos (i.e. not store all photos from one shoot in one folder) so the results will not be very good. If your photos are trapped in another application you will need to export them (probably the originals) to folders and then point NextPhoto at those folders. If enough users need it we will look into creating an automated way to free your photos.


The app has been tested on both the Sierra and High Sierra visions of Mac OS X. If you are having trouble and are not on one of those versions please upgrade.

If you are not able to launch the app please make sure that the “Security & Privacy” settings of your System Preferences allow for “App Store and identified developers.”

If you somehow pick the wrong folder for your root folder not to worry. In the preferences NextPhoto simply remove the incorrect folder and add the one that want. Keep in mind the top level folder may be your “Pictures” folder. This is ok.

When configuring folders you may run into this dialog:

This means you are trying to add a folder that is already being searched because a parent folder is already in the search list. Remember, NextPhoto searches the top level folder you told it about as well as all the subfolders.